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From Panama to the World with love

In 2017, Granito began its journey in Panama when its founder Itzel struggled to find affordable, comfortable and sustainable menstrual products in the market.

 She then began testing with different materials and designs with one goal: to make sure periods will never stop women from doing what they love. In 2020, she can finally put a smile on her reusable pads and panties after endless research focusing on:

  • beautiful and comfortable design
  • technology that offers maximum absorption, breathability and protection against leaks 
  • only using certified quality fabrics that are made in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Today, Granito is on a mission to empower women to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. With your suppoert, we are also fighting for girls in less privileged countries through donation to NGOs that are combating menstrual poverty.



In Panamá we have recently partner with REDtalk Project to deliver menstrual education and sustainable choices to disadventage families. 

 Join Our Movement #Redtalkproject #Reusewithme #Granitomovement 


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